The smartest Material Data Management on Earth.


Can you imagine managing, analysing and comparing more than 500 supplier documents in less than 24 hours? Discover the Kemchain Suppliers revolution: we help you to simplify processes and accelerate your business success.

Let Kemchain Suppliers, our Material Data Management, automate the administrative work of approving suppliers and raw materials for your company covering all chemical sectors such as cosmetics, perfumery, fragrances, chemicals, food, flavouring, colourants, solvents, etc.


Optimise the time spent on document management.


Detects the change of component concentration, hazards, transport and specifications variations in your documents.


Ensure regulatory compliance before using raw materials in your products.

Kemchain simplify data collection, stay ahead of regulations, and ensure automated compliance.

Smart management, Efficient compliance

Automate your compliance processes with Kemchain Suppliers, the amazing Material Data Management.

Regulatory, Quality and Purchaising Team

Revised Processes. Controlled raw materials and suppliers.

Your company will know the ingredient components and changes, thus ensuring regulatory compliance.


Visible traceability. Your company is fortified.

Your organization can monitor, inspect, and verify raw materials and supplier components with a few clicks.

Auditors and Regulatory Entities

Instant Reports. Audits in Minutes.

Your company obtains immediate reports, reducing audit times and expediting formulation calculations.

Security + AI + Efficient management

Simplify data collection from suppliers with questionnaires and documents with data extraction. AI converts info into standardized and comparable datasets.
And your company is the sole owner of all information… always.

Kemchain integrates with your ERP, PLM and other specialised systems, streamlining your end-to-end product management with our API.

Manage suppliers’ documentation with Kemchain to surf the regulatory tsunami possessing the agility and accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI).

Advanced Digitization: Efficient digital document management (SDS, TDS, ISO9001, certifications, etc.) error-free.

Rapid Automation: Intensive management with suppliers in minutes through RPA.

Data extraction via AI.

Immediate validation and comparison.

Instant standardization: Align raw materials with your needs and standards.

Guaranteed international regulatory compliance: Up-to-date databases uploaded to the platform.

Who is Kemchain for?

For companies aiming to make informed decisions with comprehensive information and have fail-safe document management raw materials and ingredients.


  • Controls ingredient supplier documentation.
  • Unifies information nomenclature.
  • Ensures compliance with European and international regulations.

Executive and CEO

  • Makes informed decisions with transparent traceability.
  • Ensures regulated standards for goods circulation.
  • Streamlines audits and enhances credibility.

Technical and Purchasing Departments

  • Digitizes information and automates detailed analysis.
  • Reduces supplier document management time
  • Focuses more on value-added tasks.

Smart management, Efficient compliance

And as easy as saying Kemchain

Intuitive Interface

You don’t need to be a NASA engineer to use our platform.

Included Support

Get immediate answers to your questions with practical responses in our chat.

Key Indicators

Analyze the homologation status of raw materials suppliers.

Value to the Company

Detect anomalies and trends in seconds and anticipate errors.

Multitasking in One Task

Save time by organizing diverse information into a single report.

Automated update

Kemchain identifies expired documents and requests them from your suppliers.

Regulatory Compliance

Review legal or your own requirements compliance with our Compliance Checker & Alerts module.

The future of material data management available today.

Success stories

Diana March

Chief Sustainability and Technical Compliance Officer at Eurofragance

In the Technical Department, we are thrilled by the many benefits that the Kemchain platform offers. For instance, the time dedicated to document management is reduced by 50%, freeing time for our Technical teams to take on more productive assignments.

By using Kemchain, Regulatory Technicians can develop their talent and reduce administrative tasks that add neither value to their work, nor contribute to their professional development.

Laurent Mercier

CEO at Eurofragance

Regulations and constraints have grown exponentially in our industry and this trend is expected to continue. This is true in every region and country we operate in. 

At Eurofragance, it was critical for us to identify a smart and evolutive solution to automate the numerous administrative tasks that accompany each new regulation.
Kemchain ticks every box on the checklist established by our talented global team members, who I know want to spend more time progressing on tasks in line with their level of education and competencies.

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