We were born in 2021 during a meal among friends saying:

Can you imagine…?

Those meals that start with an appetizer stimulating ideas and end up transforming an industry. 

In our case, the industry leaves the Stone Age behind and enters the 21st century with confidence: with data processing and analysis at the speed of light.

With Kemchain, artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizes the document management of raw materials and ingredients—making it simpler, more reliable, and safer.

These are the hands, brains and hearts that breathe life into Kemchain:

Experience: +16 years

Germán Castillo

CEO & Founder

I’m a licensed chemist who created Kemchain, the automated document manager, so regulatory associates have more time for value-added tasks.

I like to be prepared for the future and research to find efficient solutions.

«Innovate to make the difficult easy».

Experience: +28 years

Tony Belmonte

CRO & Co-founder

I hold a BSc degree in International Business, and work to more fragrance and cosmetics companies to control supplier document management.

I’m convinced a more humane world is possible if each of us is more empathetic.

«A long, leisurely coffee brings out our humanity».

Experience: +13 years

Víctor Camposo

CIO & Co-founder

I am an engineer in Computer Management with a postgraduate degree in Management and Management of Information Systems and Technologies.

I focus on technological innovation, merging document management with artificial intelligence to boost efficiency.

«Transform challenges into solutions for efficient document management».

Experience: +20 years

Sonia Mozas

Legal & Co-founder

I studied Labor Relations and have a master’s in HR Management and Labor Law. I focus on ensuring people work in an environment they want to stay in.

I seek happiness in what I do, and I find it.

«A third of your day is spent working. Do it where you enjoy it».

Experience: +28 years

Miguel A.Montesinos

CFO & Co-founder

I am a financier and business and, as I like to look after the well-being of others, I review, analyse and monitor Kemchain’s finances. Nothing escapes me.

I consider myself a loving person who does what I have dreamed of since I was a child.

«Starting the day with a family breakfast brings joy».

Experience: +14 years

Nuria Plaza

Office Manager & Co-founder

I’m a senior technician in administrative and administrative information management. I’m here to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

I believe that technology optimizes business management, and we should ally with it to achieve desired outcomes.

«No matter what or when, I always go for the bull’s eye».

Experience: +3 years

Suana Esplugues

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

I’m a licensed pharmacist. I work at Kemchain because, beyond being an automated document manager, I’m part of a project built on innovation and transformation.

Challenge defines me; I can’t work without it.

«Transformation is as necessary as it is good».

Experience: +2 years

Rishi Daryanani

Full Stack Developer

I am a software developer passionate about technology. I enjoy turning ideas into code and solving problems.

In my opinion, true technological innovation resides in its accessibility to all..

«When the goal seems distant and challenging, with dedication and effort, you can achieve what you set out to do».

Our motto is: «If it doesn’t exist, we create it».

We work with one goal in mind:

Transforming technical document management, modernizing and optimizing business processes in the chemical sector by providing innovative technology that creates value reduces errors, and enhances security for individuals and companies.

More than just an automated document manager, we are:

The right hand that ethically and responsibly ensures the regulation, standards and transparency of documentation in transparency of documentation in a complex industry that needs clear, simple, environmentally and socially friendly processes.

We are guided by five principles, both within and outside work:

Simplicity is our compass.

Innovation betters society.

Trial and error are part of life.

Cooperation is essential.

Everything is possible.

«Stagnation, never, leaving you alone is not a chance».

This is our conviction.

And our mission is to make the document management of raw materials and ingredients suppliers more efficient and secure.

Want to see it in action?