Suppliers’ documentation always under control

Let KemChain automate the administrative workflow of suppliers homologation, raw materials and ingredients.

Suppliers’ documentation always under control for your company

KemChain is the digital platform for companies that want to manage their supply chain compliance more easily. It helps simplify processes, increase knowledge and security of your supply chain. All the control and monitoring you need in real time and without errors.

We offer solution to collect, organize, update and analyze the technical documents of supplier and raw material.


No expensive implementations that take months. With centralized management and real-time data.

Suppliers upload their documents to the platform quickly and easily.

Documents analyzed by AI, sorted and without transcription errors.

Always prepared for regulatory changes and new customer needs. You can manage massive document requests.

Demonstrates a secure supply chain to workers, customers and auditors.


Focus on what really matters and automate the rest. Let KemChain help your team work more efficiently.

  Key indicators

Analyzes the status of supplier’s approval and raw materials in real time. Detects anomalies and trends. Adds value to your company.

  Intuitive interface

We have designed a totally intuitive platform. Just open your browser, log in and start working. You’ll understand it all!

Support included

Doubts or ideas for improvement can always arise. We will be here to help you with any difficulties or ideas you have.


KemChain provides easy-to-use tools to carry out multiple tasks quickly without investing in major developments.

We convert supplier and raw material documents into structured and simple data analyzed using AI.

Automated approval system. You will be able to evaluate new and current suppliers and raw materials quickly and effortlessly.

Automatic communication with suppliers of expired and new documents.

Review of compliance with legal and customer requirements through our compliance solution.

Start working with KemChain today

Upload all supplier documents to Kemchain. Our AI system will analyze and obtain the types of documents, dates, supplier, product, components, etc.

It will organize all the information so that you have it available, ready and always updated.

Through our API you can connect the necessary data of your ERP system. This way we can link all the information of raw materials and suppliers according to your nomenclature.

And if documents are missing, they can be requested massively effortlessly.

When everything is uploaded and connected. You already have the dashboard control with the technical information of suppliers and raw materials.

In addition, through the “compliance” tool you can analyze raw materials, ingredients and components according to regulatory criterias.

Accelerate the digital transformation journey

The fastest way to implement the potential of Industry 4.0 is to equip regulatory, technical and purchasing departments with the right tools for efficient managemen.t

Explore the KemChain capabilities and learn how we can help you by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) in your company

Our platform has been developed for cosmetics, fragrances and aromas sectors, although it is only the beginning. Please join our newsletter and we will keep you informed of progress and new releases.

Guaranteed security


Set different permissions to your teammates, to access certain suppliers, documents or contacts.


Protect access through IP tracking and ensure that users with new IPs need to validate via email.


Encryption at rest for the public cloud version and end-to-end encryption for the self-hosted one.


Automatic backups so you never lose your data.

KemChain has its data security policy fully adapted to GDPR standards.