As management is our surname, we anticipate your questions.

First Steps

What is Kemchain?

Kemchain is a SaaS platform where raw materials and ingredient companies extract and unify key data from technical documentation of ingredient suppliers: safety data sheets, technical data sheets, IFRA certificates, and cosmetic allergen certificates for chemical products.


  • Automates the process of requesting, receiving, archiving, and updating supplier documents; and
  • Validates and verifies the accuracy of the information.

To achieve this, Kemchain is artificial intelligence (AI) in action.

It uses:

  • IDP (Intelligent Data Processing): to turn unstructured information into unified reports for the supply chain.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation): to reduce repetitive administrative tasks and increase high-value tasks that strengthen the company.
  • ML (Machine Learning): to obtain more data and better results with less human intervention.

Kemchain is the control and regulation platform that frees you from manual document management, optimizes supply chain processes, and ensures compliance.

What is a SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a platform that stores documentation in the cloud and doesn’t require local hardware.

This way, it’s more flexible, scalable, data retrieval is easy, and you can access documentation from any computer with an internet connection.


  • Your company doesn’t need a dedicated IT team for SaaS updates or maintenance.
  • Your payment is proportional to the tools and documentation you store and use.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is about connectivity, unlimited growth potential, management autonomy, cost savings, and information protection.

Can I try Kemchain for free?

Yes. We offer a free trial session with limited access to the tools, allowing you to automate your processes and analyze information at lightning speed.

The free trial lasts for a maximum of 30 days.

If you’re interested, contact us.

What is the price of Kemchain and what's included?

The price depends on the tools you use and the supplier documentation you need to manage.

The truth is that consolidating, unifying, analyzing, and verifying information has a cost of less than €1.50 annually per document, which is less than what you’re currently paying for manual information management.

With Kemchain: 

  • You say goodbye to human errors;
  • You get reports in seconds;
  • You can add an unlimited number of users from different departments to access information;
  • You can mass-upload documents;
  • You can review ingredient compliance and their component regulations; and
  • You can automate the request for new and expired documents and questionnaires from suppliers.

Kemchain saves time, reduces errors, and guarantees compliance.

How long does it take for my team to master Kemchain?

Kemchain is an intuitive platform. It’s designed to make you independent and use it as needed without needing to be a rocket scientist.

In Kemchain, the complex is made simple.

Additionally, we provide training so that your team becomes familiar with the platform and uses the tools confidently.

And Kemchain users have access to a chat for resolving their queries.

Does Kemchain have a support team?

Yes, we have a support team located in Spain and the EU. We also offer a permanent chat because we understand that questions can’t wait.

If I no longer want to use Kemchain, how do I retrieve the information?

We’re confident that you’ll want to use Kemchain forever. But if you want to revert to manual document management, we won’t hinder you. In fact, we’ll make it easier.

The person you’ve designated as a superuser can download all your supplier information: documents and data tables. Afterward, we delete the information to respect your privacy and data protection policies.

Kemchain is about freedom and information protection. 

Does Kemchain replace jobs?

It’s everyone’s fear: will AI push people into the background? Not with Kemchain.

People are the reason we exist.

Kemchain leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to free people from tedious jobs prone to high error rates. And human errors cost your company money.

By empowering people, the Technical and Purchasing Departments can focus on value-added tasks. People contribute ideas, solutions, and efficiency. This way, your company enhances its competitiveness in the European and international markets.

In what format can I upload information?

Kemchain supports multiple formats. It reads them all:

  • PDF format
  • Excel format
  • API connection*

And it unifies them so that you can export them in XLS or CSV format.

* If you have a customer portal, you can connect Kemchain to an API (Application Programming Interface) to securely extract, store, and analyze information.

Can I customize Kemchain as much as I want?

You can customize Kemchain for:

  • Your company name;
  • Users; and
  • Suppliers.

Other forms of customization are limited at this moment.

Kemchain is a document management tool for raw materials and ingredient suppliers. We’ve thought of everything: from the format in which you record information to document verification and early alarms for expired documents or changes in allergens, endocrine disruptors, or concentration percentages.

If you need further customization, feel free to reach out to us

If I want to acquire Kemchain, what are the steps I follow?

If you’re ready to acquire Kemchain, contact us.

If you want to see Kemchain in action to ensure it’s the document management tool your company needs to save money, prevent human errors, and enhance competitiveness, request a demo.

The contract term is a minimum of one year, during which you’ll witness tangible results.

Data Security

Kemchain is a cloud platform, is it secure?

The cloud is a vault.

  • To access Kemchain, you have an authentication system. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to impersonate you or anyone in your company.
  • We have a redundancy and failover system. In other words, your information doesn’t rely on a single server. If one server has issues, other steps in to support it. Your information remains intact.
Who owns my data?

Your company is the sole owner of the data. Not us.

In case we need it to expand our services and facilitate storage or analysis of the data you share with us, we will ask for your authorization.

You can accept or reject our proposal without affecting the service we provide.

Can my data be mixed with other companies' data?

This was a core focus when we created Kemchain: to keep your data independent and separate.

We assure you that the information you share with us will not be mixed with another company, and there’s no risk of error.

It’s true that Machine Learning (ML), the learning system that enhances Kemchain’s functions more quickly, analyzes the data. However, this analysis and data collection are done independently.

Your data is protected.

Are backups performed?

Yes. We regularly create backups and store them for 10 years.

A password seems insecure, how does Kemchain protect me?

Kemchain’s login and usage system is based on authentication:

  • Every time you log in, a new temporary password is sent to your company email.

Control and Regulation Patform

Can I access Kemchain from any computer?

Yes. Since it’s SaaS (Software as a Service), everything is in the cloud, and like a mobile app, you can access it wherever you are.

We have only one requirement: the computer you use to access Kemchain needs an internet connection.

What's the difference between manual and automated document management?

Manual document management:

  • Demands hours and hours from the Technical and Purchasing Departments, limiting the potential for value-added tasks.
  • Heightens the risk of human errors.
  • Makes instant data comparison or analysis impossible.


Automated document management with Kemchain:

  • Requires minimal time from the Technical and Purchasing Departments, freeing them to focus on value-added tasks that enhance your company’s productivity.
  • Minimizes the risk of human errors.
  • Offers preventive alerts in case of ingredient component variations, and notifications if any documents have expired.
  • Collects information in a unified format and analyzes it within seconds.
  • Leave no room for delayed comparisons, traceability tracking, or audit delays due to lack of information.

Kemchain simplifies document management, eliminates error-prone tasks, and facilitates compliance.

How do my suppliers use Kemchain?

You send a link, and your suppliers do what’s needed: provide information about their ingredients.

You don’t need to give them access to Kemchain.

You don’t need to send incessant emails.

You don’t need to stress.


Kemchain notifies you if any documents have expired.

Kemchain sends an email to your supplier to complete the required information for product sheets.

Kemchain streamlines your tasks with just a few clicks.

Why should I use Kemchain if I can create an automated system?

You can indeed create an automated system to store your supplier information. That’s true.

However, you would need to invest in programmers, developers, and IT staff to:

  • Analyze the information in your system;
  • Develop AI-based automated technology to unify information formats; and
  • Create an AI-backed system to ensure regulatory compliance for documentation.

You’d need more funds and are likely to get caught up in a system with limitations.

Why reinvent the wheel?

How does Kemchain assist me with document management?

Kemchain is your right-hand assistant:

  • Extracts and unifies technical data provided by ingredient suppliers;
  • Automates the request, receipt, and archiving of documents;
  • Streamlines document updates;
  • Validates and verifies data accuracy;
  • Eliminates low-value tasks;
  • Optimizes and simplifies document management;
  • Provides a comprehensive solution for regulatory compliance, product sustainability, quality control, and assurance.

Kemchain propels your company’s productivity by relieving it of error-prone tasks.

Policies for Protection 

Are there contractual commitments?

Yes. Our contractual commitments outline our responsibilities and obligations regarding:

  • The scope of Kemchain;
  • Its use; and
  • Security and data privacy.

At Kemchain, we protect your information and work to provide a platform that not only simplifies but also facilitates and optimizes document management.

Do you comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

At Kemchain, we customize the user experience while respecting privacy for both the user and the company. We solely use browser databases to store, analyze, enrich, and activate navigation data locally, without sending data or cookies.

At no point do we collect personal data.

Do I need to request suppliers' confirmation for data handling and usage?

Under GDPR, if your company collects data from residents of the European Union, you need to retain proof of their consent for data collection and usage.

However, Kemchain, in the initial contact with suppliers, requests confirmation for data storage and usage.

Simplifies the approval and evaluation of suppliers and raw materials.

Smart management, Efficient compliance