Kemchain Suppliers, the platform that manages suppliers and raw materials compliance.

The material data management revolution.

Automate document management, focus on high-value tasks, and enhance your company’s competitiveness.

Smart management, Efficient compliance

For large, medium, and small companies that want to focus on what’s important.


Ensure ingredient values are within standards.


Comply with European and international regulations.


Keep suppliers and raw materials management up-to-date and easily accessible.


Control information in a unified format without wasting weeks.


Free the Technical and Purchasing Departments from error-prone tasks.


Focus on value-added tasks.

Make it easy.

Make it secure.

Less hands.

More value-added work.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can manage some tedious work for you without typing suppliers or raw materials information and data, or spending days on revisions or compliance.

Kemchain immediately alerts you about:

  • Substances of concern to the consumer, your customers or you.
  • Component or specification changes.
  • Variations in concentrations, hazards or specificiations on documents.
  • Request documents before they become obsolete.

Registration in seconds.

Results in minutes.

«You’re up-to-date», you’ll say from now on when asked about suppliers information.

  • Kemchain normalizes and harmonizes data from documents and questionnaires, and delivers them to you on Excel, or via APIs unified.
  • Kemchain compares and analyzes the uploaded information, obtaining reports in less time than it takes to have a coffee.
  • Kemchain has unlimited storage, comparison, and analysis capacity.

Volume, format, and time are no longer excuses.

Aunque estés en las nubes, tu información tiene escolta personal.

The cloud: as cozy as a cushion, as secure as a safety deposit box.

Kemchain is not local hardware. Kemchain is not a computer program. Kemchain is SaaS, a cloud-based platform.

  • You enter with dual authentication, like a privileged secret agent.
  • You use Kemchain from any computer with internet access.
  • Your supplier data is segregated, only you have access, and it’s protected by a redundancy and failover system that allows a second server to rescue information in case of a cyber attack.

With logical buttons.

No encyclopedic manuals.

Kemchain is an intuitive platform you can use wherever you are. No exhaustive training or complex manuals required.

  • We train your team to ensure there are no doubts, not because they need special training.
  • You have an online chat for resolving any usage questions about the platform… if you have any.
  • Your suppliers can use Kemchain directly, without prior training or registrations.

You’ll feel like you’ve known how to use it since childhood.

And with automated tasks, your team brings more ideas and solutions.

Fatigue departs.

Efficiency arrives.

Kemchain takes care of time-consuming tasks and grants freedom to your Technical and Purchasing Departments to:

  • Follow up with customers and assist them as needed.
  • Suggest solutions for emerging issues and stay updated on changes and improvements.
  • Propose ideas to make your company more productive and enhance internal processes.

Kemchain is the artificial intelligence (AI) platform for companies seeking agility, effective analysis, and regulatory compliance assurance.

Security + AI + Efficient management

Easy to use. As a mobile app.


Accessible from any computer, enabling you to use Kemchain while on business trips


Intuitive platform, usable without exhaustive training or complex manuals.


Dual authentication prevents unauthorized access.


Information request to your supplier is simple and uncomplicated.

Kemchain, simplifying the complex so that your company can focus on what matters: value-added tasks.

Smart management, Efficient compliance

You’ve seen Kemchain from the outside.

Now see it from the inside.


Kemchain uses artificial intelligence (AI) models to analyze and compile information in a unified manner.


The AI learns from itself and the information you provide, identifying connections and sending early alerts.


What would take you weeks, Kemchain accomplishes in seconds.

The Technical and Purchasing Department disconnects from human errors, and your company receives foolproof reports.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Be more intelligent with artificial intelligence.



Redundancy and Failover

More than one server to back you up


Gain protection against cyber attacks or natural disasters.


Without lifting a finger, you have an automatic recovery plan.

    Data Segregation

    Your data, separated to prevent mixing


    You can be certain that none of our clients read your information.


    Only your company accesses your supplier data.

      Backup Copies

      To recover information in case of accidents


      Restore supplier information without operational trauma.


      You have an action plan if something extraordinary occurs.

        You can connect from any computer without exposing the documentation of your raw materials suppliers.


        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        Protect yourself with the security of the cloud.


        Your company, especially the Technical and Purchasing Departments

        Execute thousands of tasks in minutes


        Kemchain is an extra hand at work.


        No need to type documentation.


        The Technical and Purchasing Departments focus on providing solutions beyond document management.

        Kemchain doesn’t replace jobs. It takes care of tedious tasks and eliminates the risks of manual management.

        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        Increase the value of your company.

        And Kemchain speaks three languages:

        From AI to Human

        The entire platform is on your terms and those of your company: from formats (PDF, XLS, CSV) and connections (API) to regulations (REACH SVHC, IFRA, and Cosmetics EU), and button readability when using Kemchain.

        From Company to Supplier

        Kemchain facilitates communication between your company and suppliers: you can send emails and links to your suppliers (without registering) to provide missing information or update expired data.

        Programming Language

        No specialized or IT staff is required; Kemchain takes care of that.

        This is the behind-the-scenes language allowing AI to automate ingredient lifecycles and validate legal compliance.

        Fewer errors, more solutions.


        Security + AI + Efficient management

        If it doesn’t exist, we invent it.

        And we did it.

        We were born in 2021 with three purposes:

        To transform technical document management to create added value, reduce errors, prevent non-compliance, and provide more security to individuals as well as for raw materials and ingredients companies.


        To be a platform created by Regulatory Affairs Specialists for Regulatory Affairs Specialists, becoming the automated document management productivity platform we wished to use to save time and focus on tasks that added more value to the companies we worked for.


        To simplify complex processes and make them efficient.

        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        We’re not seeking fame.

        But the glory companies.

        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        We’re convinced that large, medium, and small companies deserve to:

        • Ensure regulatory compliance.
        • Automatically control suppliers trazability.

        Kemchain: the world’s first document manager that not only stores information but also automatically analyzes it and ensures compliance.

        Smart management, Efficient compliance

        Danger isn’t dangerous with Kemchain.

        Validate the legal compliance of ingredients.

        Reduce the risk of operational incidents or product sales.

        Prevent human errors.

        Reduce input errors and ensure the identification of anomalies or expired documents.

        Avoid regulatory non-compliance.

        Guarantee ingredients are within the legal framework of REACH SVHC, Cosmetics EU, Country Inventories.

        Shorten consolidation and analysis time.

        Obtain substance and mixture safety data sheets in seconds, regardless of quantity, with certainty.

        Prevent information leaks.

        Store documentation with cloud protection. No local hardware or being tied to a single computer.

        Halt unnecessary resource expenditure.

        Save money and time. Manual document management is inefficient: it takes weeks, and the result isn’t 100% reliable.

        Safeguard supplier document management against non-compliance or challenging substance and mixture traceability.

        We only host.

        We don’t market.

        We don't share your data.

        You have control over the information.

        Protected against data breaches.

        Shielded against cyber attacks.

        Your data is always yours.

        We follow GDPR regulations to the letter.

        Secure, Shielded, 

        Protected, Kemchain.

        Security + AI + Efficient management

        There are two types of companies:

        • Those with simple processes save time and money.

        • Those who, tied to traditional practices, prefer manual processes that put them at risk and cost them money.

        Which group does your company belong to?

        Simplifies the approval and evaluation of suppliers and raw materials.